13 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Isn't Just About Milk...

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Breastfeeding provides nourishment , yes, but it provides so much more than that. Breastfeeding is the natural method of feeding a baby , but does so much more than that. Breastfeeding is special and it's a shame people don't understand what breastfeeding does for a child. People say things like, "Just pump and bottle feed" implying all babies get out of breastfeeding is milk and that is so not true. I have listed plenty of reasons showing you why breastfeeding is so much more than milk. 

1.) Comfort
Babies have the natural urge to suckle it only makes sense that a baby would turn to breast and suckle until their hearts content , even when milk might not be coming out.

2.) Pain reliever
When a baby is in pain be it teething, shots, earache, etc. Breastfeeding provides comfort and pain relief.

3.) Quenches thirst
Breastmilk contains a lot of water so they may not be hungry , but they could be thirsty, Breastmilk wets their whistles and hydrates them.

4.) Natural medicine
When a baby is sick they may have the urge to eat more because their body tells them to. Now get ready for this, the baby's saliva communicates with the breast and tells it exactly what kind of milk to make and it's antibodies out the wazoo!

5.) Relaxing
Sometimes babies get over stimulated or scared and breastfeeding helps to relax baby.

6.) Sleep aid
Fun fact- Breastmilk contains higher levels of melatonin at night , which works as a natural sleeping aid. Probably the reason most breastfed babies want/need boob to fall asleep.

7.) Easily digestible
Unlike with formula where you have to go by the clock to determine when to feed you don't have to worry about clocks with breastfed babies, they can feed on demand . I know , I know , but how does that have to do with breastfeeding not just being about milk? Well it shows that you can't overfeed a breastfed baby so there is no measuring milk, mixing it, or warming it up. Unlike with formula, where it's only about the milk, so you can over feed them and it's not digested as quickly.

8.) Frozen Breastmilk
Although this isn't necessarily about breastfeeding it has to do with Breastmilk. You can freeze Breastmilk and make fun things like Breastmilk pops for a fun snack or give them something to knaw on while teething. You can also use Breastmilk for things like pink eye, eczema, psoriasis, and more. The possibilities are endless. 

9.) Milk supply
Every single time a baby latches on and suckles directly, it creates a demand for your body to make milk. Don't you understand? Breastfeeding is a process, so skipping feeds can potentially cause a dip in supply. So it's important that a baby be able to nurse whenever they want.

10.) Bonding
There is something about a baby on a breast that is so beautiful . When a baby breastfeeds it releases a hormone called oxytocin known as the love hormone. True fact, every time a mom breastfeeds her baby they fall more in love with each other every time.

11.) It's free
Why pay for things like bottles , pumps, bags, etc... If you don't have to or even want to? Free milk? I'm in!

12.) Perfect Temperature
Breastmilk straight out of the breast is always at the perfect temperature. Which means no freezing , defrosting, or heating up of any kind!

13.) Sleep
Believe it or not most breastfeeding moms say they get more sleep even though they may not get any help with the feedings. Reason being they don't have to get out of bed, make bottles, and warm up , which can be time consuming throughout the night. Breastfeeding moms especially those who bed share can stick a boob in their mouth before baby fully wakes , which means falling back asleep faster, which also means mom gets back to sleep too.

Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.