Fairhaven Health- PregnancyPlus Prenatal Vitamin Review

By- Charlene Chambers

PregnancyPlus Prenatal Vitamin (Fairhaven health)

Almost as soon as someone finds out they’re pregnant, they begin to worry about what they’re putting in their body, and how to best give their baby the nutrients it needs for the best start possible. Even being my fourth child, this pregnancy was no different. I’ve tried so many different prenatal vitamins over the years, and have just accepted that it was going to be an unpleasant experience I had to endure nightly for the good of my baby.

PregnancyPlus Prenatal review

When I began taking Fairhaven’s Pregnancy Plus Prenatal vitamin, I expected much of the same. I was most surprised at the size of the supplement. One of the things I hate most about prenatals is the size of the pill. It’s hard enough to ingest anything in early pregnancy, let alone the giant prenatal vitamins I have become accustomed to. Swallowing it down was no problem, despite the morning sickness. I also found that it did not aggravate my nausea like other vitamins do. The levels of vitamins and minerals give you your daily requirements; with extra iron as most pregnant women are anemic. Not having to worry about other supplements, like iron, in addition to taking a prenatal is a huge relief. There is a slight aftertaste to the vitamins, but it really isn’t unpleasant like with other supplements.

I took the vitamin until my bottle was gone, but plan on getting more as this prenatal is perfect for not only when you are pregnant, but also when you are breastfeeding, or even trying to conceive. I would certainly recommend this supplement to a friend, especially one experiencing morning sickness, as the size of the pill makes it so easy and convenient to take.

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