Sitting Pretty Spray Review 

By: Dani Ratliff 

Ask any mother and she’ll tell you - having a baby takes a toll on your lady parts. Perineal tears, vaginal swelling and bruising, and hemorrhoids all conspire to make your nether regions so very sore and uncomfortable...
All-natural Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray is designed for precisely this situation. It provides quick pain relief and helps to accelerate the healing process. Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray features Witch Hazel to tone, tighten, and regenerate your skin, and Peppermint Oil to cool and numb your aching parts.
I recently had a baby about a week ago and tried the Sitting Pretty spray.  For the first time ever, I had to have stitches after birth. The hospital gave me some numbing spray, and though I liked it, I ended up trading that for the Sitting Pretty spray. 
The spray bottle was easy to use and easily sprayed upright and upside down. It smelled great-like peppermint, and didn’t seem to leave any residue of any kind. The spray instantly left a cooling feeling and it was a huge relief!  With as much pain as I had, this spray worked better than the hospital strength spray I was given. I put it on all of my pads and directly on my stitches. It seemed to help with the swollen feeling and pain when I sat down. I would think it would relieve hemorrhoids as well, though I did not personally have any. 
Most people recommended I try witch hazel after birth, and this spray already had it. I felt very comfortable putting the spray on because the ingredients are natural and soothing. I would think most women would be skeptical of putting anything that could possibly burn on themselves after a rough labor! There was absolutely nothing that I didn’t like about the spray. I will be using it again after my next labor and will continue to use this bottle until I am completely healed!

You can find Sitting Pretty Spray at for $14.95 a bottle!