Review of Fairhaven Health's Pregnancy Tea For Two

By; Charlene Chambers (BFMT Admin)

I was hesitant to try yet another pregnancy tea as I had yet to find one I enjoyed the taste of. Also, being a high risk pregnancy, many teas are filled with ingredients I’m not supposed to have, such as nettle and red raspberry leaf. After reviewing the list of herbs in Fairhaven’s Tea-for-Two, I decided to give it a try as I really do love a good cup of tea.

Fairhaven Health Pregnancy Tea For Two

The mix organic and wild crafted herbs could not be better balanced. The lemon verbena really leaves such a pleasant taste in your mouth. I enjoyed the taste so much that I did not need to add anything to the tea- such as honey, sugar or agave, to make it more palatable. The benefits of all the herbs, such as alfalfa for vitamins and minerals, strawberry leaf for nourishing the uterus and oat straw to help relieve stress, make it not only delicious, but perfect for preparing the body for labour and delivery. I was most pleasantly surprised at how it relieved mild morning sickness, but I did not experience the overwhelming taste of ginger like in other anti-nausea teas.

Fairhaven Health's Pregnancy Tea for two

I would certainly recommend this tea to anyone that is pregnant, as well as those who are not. In fact, a couple of my non-pregnant friends also really enjoyed a cup. I think this tea would also have excellent benefits for women postpartum, and during menstruation. 

Some quick facts- Tea-for-Two is the all-natural, baby-safe herbal tea designed to support a healthy pregnancy, tone the uterus, and relieve morning sickness discomfort. This delicious and healthy tea will also help comfort and energize during labor and childbirth. Made from a select blend of wildcrafted and organic ingredients, Tea-for-Two brings together proven herbs that have been used for centuries to tone and relax the uterine muscles, strengthen the womb throughout the pregnancy, and prepare the body for labor and childbirth. Tea-for-Two may also help prevent or reduce pregnancy complications.


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