Breast Pad Ever Review

By: Kristy Kemp

Breast Pads Ever

The Breast Pad is unique and unlike any other pad I've seen. I'd wear these pads whether I was breastfeeding or not. So comfy and I literally forget I'm wearing them! My boobs fluctuate in size depending on the day, so I like that they can fill in my bra, when my boobs can't. I also don't mind the extra perkiness they provide. The fabric is cloud like, sort of like memory foam which is a must when sore cracked nipples are a factor. There are so many other great aspects to these pads I almost forgot to mention the most important part, which is, the leak protection is unlike any pad I have seen on the market. It's thick and spongy which allows for it to hold more leaky milk without seeping through like with the other brands I have used in the past. The breast pad is so much more than just a piece of cloth you stick in your bra to keep the milk from soaking through. It's comfort, it adds lift & support, & best part is it's reusable! The breast pad is the best pad I have ever used. Definitely a breast pad I feel confident recommending to the mamas in my community.