A group of mothers who are passionate about helping mothers reach their personal breastfeeding goals and teaching people about breastfeeding in general.

Although our main focus is breastfeeding, we will also be sharing information about topics such as baby wearing, car seat safety and extended rear facing, delaying solid foods until at least 6 months old, baby led weaning, cloth diapering, natural duration breastfeeding, and peaceful parenting.

One very important thing you need to know is that we support breastfeeding without being negative about formula or the moms that use it. We dislike manipulative formula marketing, but we do not dislike formula mothers. We dislike breastfeeding myths and misinformation, but we do not blame mothers for being surrounded by this incorrect information. We aim to help you set your personal breastfeeding goals and be successful in achieving those goals. Once upon a time breastfeeding was the culturally normal way to feed a baby. We hope to help our modern culture return to believing that breastfeeding is the normal and natural way to feed children.

We believe in a woman's right to breastfeed however, wherever, and for however long she is comfortable. If you are comfortable using a cover, use one. If you prefer to use a restroom or dressing room or private area, go for it. We oppose other people telling a mother what she should or shouldn't do when she is feeding her child.

We believe that children are human, therefore children have human rights.

We believe that many modern day parenting practices have been forgotten about the biological norms of infants and children. Things like "cry it out" and scheduled feedings, and babies sleeping in a separate room from mama are modern day practices that are not always in the best interest of mother and child.

Our goal here is to help you be the best parent you can be using research and knowledge to guide your decision making process. You don't have to agree with us on every topic. You don't have to do things the way we do them. We just want to present you with the information that is currently available so you can make educated decisions. And most of all, we want to help you to successfully breastfeed your children for as long as you are comfortable.