Fairhaven Health BabyIt Review 

By: Kelly Howland @coppermoonmama


BabyIt Review

Nobody likes to tear when they give birth. After two previous births where I had second degree tears, I decided to try a new product in hopes that this might reduce the chance of happening a third time. Mamas, the BabyIt massage and comfort gel is where it's at. I'm so glad this new product is out now because I wish I had it years ago.

What makes this gel worthwhile? - There's no junk in it. No parabens, no oils, nothing to potentially mess up the delicate balance going on inside your body. I'm picky about what goes on and in my body, so to know that this product is free of harmful substances was an instant perk and made me want to try it. - It's smooth, it's not sticky, and there's nothing residual that stays behind to make you feel gross. The product completely absorbs into the skin - after using it for its various purposes, my hands are always extra soft! It also has the most mild scent in the world - you can barely detect it, and what scent there is, it's light and non offensive. So how did it work for me when it comes to birthing the third time around? Excellent! My baby descended very quickly and she was born in a mere three pushes. I had the tiniest, most slight tear and did not require any stitches for it at all. This is a MAJOR difference from my second degree tears and stitches in the past. I healed so much more quickly this time around and had a noticeable difference in my postpartum comfort.

Babyit review

The BabyIt gel also works for your baby's skin too! That was interesting to me, and I had quite a bit left over in the bottle, so I was curious to see what this would really do for my babe's skin. And since the ingredients are junk-free, I was willing to try. I think my before and after pictures speak for itself! My baby was starting to get really dry skin and it was even going a little raw. One application of the gel and you couldn't even see dry skin anymore at all and her skin was back to being the super baby soft silky skin that it should be. If I wasn't convinced I liked BabyIt from using it prenatally, this definitely sealed the deal. I'll be continuing to use the BabyIt gel as lotion for my baby because it worked THAT well.

You can find BabyIt Perineal Massage postpartum Gel for around $19.95 over at fairhavenhealth.com !