Nurse "covered" without using a cover! 

By: Kristy Kemp

We get asked a lot over at Breastfeeding Mama Talk how to nurse "covered" without actually using a cover. While we promote nursing uncovered , loud, and proudly, not all women are as comfortable. We support a woman's right to breastfeed however she is most comfortable. So I figured why not give a few examples of how to nurse and maybe you will find one that suits both you and your baby.  So I asked a group of our mamas if they could show me examples of how they nurse. Luckily I had  some volunteers. Hopefully one of these options will make you feel comfortable. We want all breastfeeding mamas to feel absolutely comfortable with nursing in public. It starts with what makes you and baby the most comfortable. 

1.-Tank top underneath a shirt. Shirt down, tank up. 

NIP Options

2.-Simply thread a muslin cloth through your bra strap. You can use it to cover your breast as you get ready to nurse and move it easily to latch your baby, then drape it round your exposed breast. It's also a handy way to keep the muslin to hand for any spills or spontaneous squirting  I'm sure some of you do this already, I just thought if share for those who hadn't. Hope it helps someone to have the confidence to NIP without a cover.

3.-I usually just have my baby in the cover and then pop my boob out of my tank (I always wear my tank under a shirt) most people cant tell unless I'm being less careful. I've had people walk up asking to see my baby, and then apologize when i say sure, and pull her off lol I don't cover her head bc she hates her head covered

4.- I wear a tank top under my shirt and scarves. He loves to play with the scarves too, so it works out.

5.-Two shirt method! Nursing bra & tank underneath a regular shirt. Unsnap nursing bra & tank and pull down. Pull up regular shirt. Then you can use the regular shirt for as much or little coverage as you want.

NIP Options

6.- I actually made nursing shirts and dresses from old t shirts and a couple easy stitches. It makes it so easy to NIP without a cover but still keep the boob mostly under wraps. Basically there's a flap you can stick your hand under to undo your bra or pull it over or whatever, and then another flap underneath you pull down when you latch baby on. I will get better pics if anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like.

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7.- I use a belly band & a nursing bra. Belly band covers my tummy, and I just lift my shirt, pull my bra down, cover my milk maker w/ my shirt. And that is how this mama nurses w/o showing everyone my goodies. This picture was taken at a Subway restaurant. I have also used a receiving blanket, which I use as a spit up cloth, to lay over my breast, if I'm wearing a shirt I can pull down. I cover just my breast, so his face & head can remain uncovered. I don't have any pics like that right now. I can post later. I have successfully nursed while having a conversation with another parent (a dad) and he had no clue I was nursing.

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8.- Here is an example of me nursing covered w/ a receiving blanket, only on my breast. Used this method in a room full of parent while my daughter was in class. Sometimes getting the latch is tricky, but once he is latched all is hidden. 

NIP Options

9.) I have this. It's a Moboleeze nursing hat. It's totally awesome she wears it and now that she is bigger it doubles as a big hat.

Nursing In Public Options

Do you have an NIP option that was not on the list? Please share with us what it is and email the picture to & it could be added! Thanks! 

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