Omega-3 Vitamin From Fairhaven Health Review

By: Charlene Chambers (BFMT Admin)

Omega-3/Cal-Mag Vitamins From Fairhaven Health Review

By: Charlene Chambers (BFMT Admin)

Omega-3 Vitamin Review

I am never more aware of what I am putting in my body than when I am pregnant. I am always very careful to ensure I am taking all the supplements needed to give my baby the best start in life. One very important supplement is the Omega vitamins for baby’s brain and retina development. Unfortunately, because I hate the smell and taste of seafood, this is one vitamin that often gets neglected. In fact, I have several bottles of different brands sitting half used in my medicine cabinet. I have found them to be too large, smell bad, or leave a gross fishy after taste. I hesitated to try yet another Omega 3 supplement, but know how important it is for my baby, so decided to give Fairhaven’s Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 a try. Not only are the pills incredibly small, but there was absolutely no smell or fishy aftertaste. One HUGE positive I noticed is that the supplement is made of the oils of small fish, and not from cod liver. This is important to me, as cod liver oil is not a sustainable resource. Taking omegas is important through breastfeeding and I will continue to take Fairhaven’s omegas. I have already recommended this product to others.

Cal-Mag Vitamin Review

Once I hit the second trimester, I found my heartburn to be getting really bad, and was not sleeping well at night due to muscle aches in my legs. I decided to start taking a Cal-Mag supplement to help with both issues. Within a couple days of taking Fairhaven’s Pregnancy Plus Cal-Mag supplement, the heartburn and muscle pain started to ease. The magnesium also helped me sleep better and helped with the discomfort of irregularity in pregnancy. Knowing I was getting a calcium supplement made me feel good as I do not drink milk or eat a lot of dairy, and I know how important calcium is during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Combined with the omega 3 and prenatal vitamins, I feel confident knowing my nutritional needs are being met.

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