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Would you like to be a part of the Breastfeeding mama talk organization? This is strictly a volunteer basis opportunity with the possibility of changing in the future. There are many aspects that we could use help in such as helping run our facebook page of over 286,000 followers, Helping with our Youtube channel to make live how to tutorial videos, helping add original factual content to our website, design, sponsorship, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, Merchandising, partnering up with our organization as far as adding your products to our shop, help running our Facebook groups, revamping our web forum, in need of qualified people in the medical field willing to volunteer their time in helping to answer questions, ect.... If you excel in an area that was not mentioned above please feel free to still apply. 

   Since Breastfeeding mama talk strives to give accurate information to our members, we require any potential admins to answer a few questions, just to kinda see how you would answer them for members. We have sort of have a "reputation" to adhere to, and get many people that volunteer to help us so because we're in a position where many woman are looking up to us for valid and legit advice we have to be careful in who we have representing Breastfeeding Mama Talk.  Please answer the questions below and I will copy/paste in our admin group so that we can all discuss as a group who we think will be the best fit. It's sort of a like a "sisterhood" with this group of woman. We need to all feel comfortable with who we're working with. We all have taken pride in the page/group and they all protect it like it's their very own so it only makes sense that they all have a say in who we bring on. So it may be a bit before you get an answer back, but know that if you don't hear from me right away that it doesn't necessarily mean that we don't want you help. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon!  

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