Home Birth Is An Option Too

By: Kristy Kemp

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Are you expecting a new addition to your family but are torn between having a hospital or home birth? From time immemorial, home births have been stereotyped as unsafe and one of the greatest contributors to still births and post-natal deaths. In this article, we shall look at some of the safe home birth facts the experts may not be willing to tell you concerning home births.

How Fast is your Labor?

The truth of the matter is, women have different surges of labor and because we are not equally endowed to live in close proximities to hospitals and health centers, it therefore holds that a home birth is one of the safest options for women who experience fast labor.

There would really be no point of taking a taxi to rush a woman to a hospital when the baby is too close to coming as the ride may put the life of the unborn as well as the mother in great jeopardy.

Extensive Postpartum Care is Guaranteed

A home birth may also be considered safe in the sense that the post-partum care given is extensive as compared to a hospital birth. This is due to the fact that hospital policies pose more restrictions to the mother and her family may not have the liberty of giving her the care she so deserves.

At home, the midwife will ensure she leaves no stone unturned as far as giving the woman the care she needs is concerned. This is because unlike in hospitals where attention is given to many new mothers, a home birth means the woman takes all the attention as it is only her against the whole world.

There is Safety in Familiarity

The art of giving birth is no mean fete and as far as possible, it requires the woman to be around the people she is used to, and a home birth ensures just this. As the woman screams while in labor, she continually gets comforted by the familiar faces around her and this reassures her that she is not alone in the struggle. In the end, she and her baby have a higher survival chance due to reduced stress.

Choice of a Birth place and position

It cannot be denied the fact that health experts understand how and where a woman should have birth. However, true to the good old saying that it is the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches the most, we should encourage our women to choose where and how they want to have birth. A home birth guarantees this choice.

Whether a woman wants to do it squatting in a bathtub or lying on a couch, it is all up to her as she indeed is the one who understands what place and position works well with her labor pains.

It is less-costly

Naturally, everyone will expect a home birth to be less-costly as compared to a hospital birth. This is true, especially to those without an insurance policy due to the fact that there is very little involved and the major cost to settle is often that of midwifery.

In addition to this, there are states that have licensed midwifes and giving birth in such states with an insurance policy will even make it cheaper for you. So, how is this connected to the safety, one may ask. Well, it brings the peace of mind as the couple does not have to worry about how the prospects of proceeding with diminished finances after the baby is born.

Kristy Kemp

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