Fairhaven Health's Fertile Cm & Evening Primrose Oil Review 

Fairhaven Health's Fertile Cm & Evening Primrose Review

Evening Primrose Oil and Fertile CM are daily supplements that increase the quality of cervical mucus that is produced. Evening Primrose Oil contains Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Calcium, Selenium, and Evening Primrose Oil powder. Fertile CM contains Vitamin C and L-Arginine which are very important nutrients when trying to conceive. I decided to take Evening Primrose Oil and Fertile CM because after the birth of my son 18 months ago I have had little to no cervical mucus. During Ovulation I have never had EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucus) and when I had gotten pregnant with my son I had had tons of cervical mucus so I thought might be why we had not gotten pregnant yet. I had heard that Evening Primrose Oil and Fertile CM would be able to naturally help my body product more cervical mucus so I decided to give them a try.

The capsules where about an inch in size and very easy to take. On the bottle it says to take them four times a day on the first day of your period. With Evening Primrose oil it is important to stop taking the pills after ovulation has been confirmed. Evening Primrose oil can cause contractions so you would not want to take it if you are pregnant. I chose to do the capsules when my husband took his (Fertilaid For Men and Countboost) because it was easier for us to remember them. We took two pills, two times a day before and after work. They had a strong smell but where tasteless since they were capsules. Within a few days I noticed that my cervical mucus was a lot different. I could tell that the amount of cervical mucus I was producing was much greater. For the first time ever I had EWCM during ovulation. It was not the best quality but it was still there none the less.

I love Fairhaven Heath products and I will defiantly keep using them. I would have continued taking them but because we will be moving soon and my husband’s decision to quit smoking we have put a little hold on trying to conceive until things are more stable. I defiantly would recommend their products to other people. I actually mention them to people all the time. When people I know are having problems getting pregnant or staying pregnant I often tell them about Fairhaven Health and recommend them to BFMT Trying to Conceive group on Facebook. I plan to become a midwife in the next few years and I plan on telling mothers and mothers to be about Fairhaven’s all natural products.

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