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Milkies Food Trays Review 

By: Kristy Kemp 

I had the amazing opportunity to try out Milkies Food Trays from my all time favorite company Fairhaven Health! The idea behind the Food Trays is being able to make and freeze your own baby food conveniently. It's super cool because you're able to make a big batch all at once and save, freeze, & store it in single serving sticks. 

Milkies Food trays

My son is five so he no longer lives on pureed foods so I decided to try something a little different with it. What I did was mix in frozen bananas, strawberry's, and V8-juice and blended it inside my Ninja. I made a video demonstration of how my experience went... 

Food Saver Review

Getting my son to drink plain water is a task , getting him to drink water with a fruit stick is a lot simpler. 

Milkies Food Trays Review

Whenever I talk about the Food/Milk trays people often ask, 'Why spend money on this when an ice cube tray could do the same?" Well for starters ice cube trays do not generally come with air tight lids like the Food & Milk trays do, they are not measured in one ounce sticks, and you might have a hard time getting an ice cube inside a bottle. There is also the fact that the Food trays are made from BPA-free and phthalate-free food safe plastic. So in my mind ice cube trays and the food trays do not even compare except for the fact they both go in the freezer. 

I also love how thin the trays are so they don't take up much room and the lids also allow for stacking more than one tray. 

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