Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow Review

By: Samantha Jarrett

I received the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow from Fairhaven Health when I was around 8 weeks pregnant and am now 22 weeks. The pillow is made for back and belly support to help ease back pain for pregnant women. It has two small pillows that Velcro together so that you can you adjust the size depending on how large your belly is at the time. This way you can use the pillow from the beginning to the end without it becoming uncomfortable. The pillows are very soft, but still supportive, and are small enough that you don’t feel like you are kicking your significant other out the bed while using it. I also loved the beautiful black and white swirl design on it.

Belly rest Pregnancy Pillow review

In the beginning I had a hard time getting comfortable with the pillow. I think this is because I was so early in pregnancy that my belly wasn’t stopping me from rolling around in my sleep. I have always been a rather active sleeper and found it difficult to roll over or switch positions while using it. But, now that I am further along and am sporting a decent sized bump (you really do pop out there faster the second time!) I am much less active in my tossing and turning and find the pillow much more comfortable. The pillow is the perfect size to fit just my lower back and belly area so that I don’t feel overly confined in my sleep, yet it still provides awesome support which my back is very grateful for. I also found that while I am in class (I take night time college courses) I can unvelcro the pillow and put half of it in my backpack and it makes for the perfect lower back support in those horribly uncomfortable chairs. It was also a hit with my husband. While looking at other pregnancy pillows we couldn’t help but be intimidated by how giant they are. My husband and I share our full sized bed with our two year old and all of those pillows were quickly shot down because we would have had to buy a whole new bed for them to fit in it. With the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow we can all three fit comfortably, well as comfortably as three people can fit in one bed, and the pillow doesn’t interfere with our family sleeping habits.

Belly rest Pregnancy pillow review

I have recommended this pillow to many of my pregnant friends, and will continue to do so. The pillow possesses all of the traits that you want in a pregnancy pillow without all the extra bulk and fluff of other pillows on the market. It is also much more affordable in comparison to the other pillows I looked at. I was a little skeptical of the pillow in the very beginning, but am now extremely glad that I have it. I can’t wait to continue using through the rest of my pregnancy for much needed comfort and support. 

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