Milkies Milk Trays Review 

Milkies Milk Trays are a useful product that can be used with both infants and toddlers. The trays come with 8 individual molds that hold one ounce of breastmilk in each cavity. This makes it really easy to measure how much milk you are thawing. Once frozen, each stick of milk will fit into any bottle. The trays are good freezer space savers as they are small and stackable. They are BPA free, and environmentally friendly, as well as cheaper, as they are reusable, unlike bags.

Milkies Milk trays

The Milk trays are by far one of my breastfeeding necessities. I bought them over 2 years ago to use with my first born and are still in great condition. I like that I can thaw as many ounces as I need unlike with the breastmilk freezer bags. I also like the "sticks" because they fit into any bottle or bottle liner. I do have to hand wash the trays, but I hand wash all my breast pump accessories so it's no big deal. 

Milkies Milk Trays Review

Besides freezing breastmilk to give baby in a bottle, we also gave our baby the frozen milk as a milk popsicle. It worked wonders to relieve teething pain. Once we began feeding solids, I pureed some fruit and put half fruit, and half breast milk for a flavored popsicle. We also used the trays to freeze only fruit to make a delicious treat for both our baby and our toddler. For parents that start feeding their babies with purees the trays would be a convenient way to store and freeze homemade baby food in perfect amounts. Milkies Milk Trays are a great product that can be used several different ways to make a parent’s job a little easier.

Milkies Trays Vs. Ice Cube trays