The Breastfeeding Mama Talk organization is growing everyday. Our goal is to offer people support as efficiently as we can. So here is a list of all the outlets we offer. Please note all outlets associated with The Breastfeeding Mama Talk organization is listed below. Sadly there have been some cases of imitation and mockery off The Breastfeeding Mama Talk name, so if you come across something that is claiming to have association with BFMT if they aren't on the list below they have no affiliation with us. 


All BFMT Outlets

Facebook Pages-


Facebook Private Groups-

Other Social Media Accounts-

Breastfeeding Mama Talk chat forum- Here is an outlet we are offering outside of Facebook. A forum for women to get together and post their questions and pics. 

Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Blog- Here is the outlet that we have to openly express ourselves. I will blog about giveaways, reviews, all sorts of parental topics, ect.. If you follow our blog you will get alerted by email anytime something new and exciting is happening, so you would never miss out!