Almost all expecting mothers I encounter ask me what bottle I recommend to look into. Neither of my girls has ever taken a bottle so this is a topic I am not very helpful with. Thankfully I now have at least one recommendation I can make: The Boob by Joovy! Last weekend my mother-in-law had the privilege of testing “The Boob” by Joovy with my 9 month old daughter. After several weeks of both of my daughters being sick, this mommy was ready for a dinner date with her husband. I am a stay-at-home mom so my daughter has never taken a bottle, anytime I have left her it has been for short periods and I made sure to feed her prior to leaving, so getting her to take a bottle was not going to be an easy task. I planned this dinner date close to home but without feeding her prior to leaving. I wanted to see if “The Boob” lived up to its reputation. 


Let’s talk a little bit about this bottle. The Boob comes in different materials: glass, PPSU, and PP plastic to ensure it is affordable to all. It is BPA, Phthalate, and lead free. The nipple of this bottle is soft to the touch and designed to prevent “nipple collapse” and it is shaped to mimic a natural breast. This bottle allows easy transition from breast-to-bottle or bottle-to-breast because it promotes proper latching so babies suckle as if they are breastfeeding. The Boob’s clean flow vent helps to reduce colic and allows consistent liquid flow no matter how the bottle is held. One of my favorite features of this bottle is the breast pump adapter. I was able to pump directly from my Medela breast pump to The Boob bottle, sealing caps can also be purchased so you can easily close the bottle after you finish pumping and store for later use. I was very eager to see this bottle in action; unfortunately my daughter will not take a bottle if I am around so I had to see her experience through pictures. I left my mother-in-law with the glass bottle Boob and my little Layla took the bottle with no issue and allowed Mommy and Daddy to enjoy our dinner. I am very happy knowing we can send this bottle with her to grandmas and she will take it!  I recommend every mother give The Boob by Joovy a try. 


This past April, my husband and I planned a trip to Disneyworld. Like a lot of parents, the thought of being on vacation is exciting and tiring all at the same time. You are travelling outside of your normal routine, you will have none of the comforts of being at home, and there is no such thing as travelling lightly with children! We decided to bring along the Foocot by Joovy to help with our sleeping arrangements. The Foocot is a lightweight cot that folds into a bag for travel. The bag comes with a strap to make it easy for travel and is small enough to bring as a carry-on option when flying. The Foocot weighs just under 7 lbs, so it is very lightweight and easy to manage. It supports a child up to 48 inches tall or 75 pounds and comes in a variety of colors! It is made of a sturdy steel frame and covered with top grade 600D nylon. For those of you who don’t understand what 600D nylon is, like myself, I will explain. D stands for denier which is a unit of linear density, the higher the denier the thicker the fabric. The fabric seems very sturdy, but still comfortable to sleep on. The Foocot also comes with a fitted sheet made of 100% cotton to add extra comfort when sleeping. If you are still concerned about your child not sleeping comfortably, a quilted mattress pad is available for purchase with the Foocot. There are also two storage pockets on the Foocot which are perfect for a flashlight, books, sippy cup, stuffed animal or any other small comfort for your child.

We brought it along through the airport and we were able to store it in our stroller. When we arrived at Disney and unpacked our things we unfolded the Foocot and covered it with the sheet. We were so happy to see that the Foocot didn’t take up much floor space. It was also very easy to fold back into the bag and store during the day. My daughter (who is 2 and a half) slept comfortably at night next to our bed. The Foocot is perfect for travel or slumber parties. We will be bringing the Foocot along on all of our vacations until our daughter outgrows it.