Review Of Fairhaven Health's Nursing Blend

Nursing Blend By Fairhaven Health
Nursing Blend Review

When I started taking nursing blend I was pumping around 6 ounces. After taking nursing blend for one day I started to notice a difference. After a few days of taking nursing blend, I noticed my supply had went up by three ounces! So I was pumping 9~10 ounces at a time. I did notice if I drank lots if water with it, it helped a little more. The smell and taste of the pills are a nice,  mix of vanilla and oatmeal. They are not hard to take at all. One of my friends was having trouble with her supply dropping so I gave her 10 pills and after a few days her supply had gotten back up to where she wanted it! This has been one of the best ways I have found to boost your supply and also know that you are putting the right nutrition into your body for your baby. I suggest these to any and every breastfeeding mommy!

If it wasn't for Nursing Blend I know I wouldn't still be breastfeeding my baby now. It's hard for me to maintain a well balanced diet and eat everything I should eat to make a good milk production. So These supplements were a Godsend to me because I didn't have to worry about eating perfectly to keep my milk production up.

Nursing Blend By Fairhaven Health
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