Nipple Nurture Balm (Review)

By: Dana Kaminowitz

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Let me start off by saying sore nipples are no fun at all! I just had my baby a couple of months ago and I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but no one ever told me how painful it would be. When I mentioned my sore nipples to Kristy (Owner of BFMT) she had Fairhaven Health send me their Nipple Nurture Balm to see if it could help ease the pain.

First I want to point out how I love that it is 100% Lanolin Free. A couple of the pros using this Lanolin free product was it wasn't greasy, 100% natural/organic, so much so you could eat it if you wanted to (although I am not recommending that you do) , Easy to apply, and not goopy, and the best part is it didn't stain my bra or breast pads with grease unlike some other brands that I have tried.

Nipple Nurture Balm (Fairhaven Health)

Main perk of this product is it did it's job! My sore/cracked nipples were completely healed in less than a week so this is definitely a product I would recommend to any close friends or family. It's also became one of my necessity's to keep on hand because trying to nurse Molly with cracked nipples is no fun.

One thing I worried about is if Molly would refuse to nurse after I applied the cream, but she was happy to nurse whether I left the cream on or wiped it off.

It literally feels like melted butter between your fingers. It looked like it was going to be hard, but as soon as my finger touched it it melted and went on very easily. Smelled like natural bees wax.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be the reviewer for Fairhaven Health's Nipple Nurture Balm and only wish I could shout through the rooftops how happy me , molly , and My husband are that this product was here to help me because I honestly don't know if I could have continued breastfeeding through all the pain. 

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