An Open Letter To All Mamas...

An Open Letter To All Moms

This is an open letter to moms in all walks of life. So that they know they aren't alone, so that they feel appreciated and cared about. All moms need to know their worth and realize that they mean everything and so much more to our future generation. We need to focus on building each other up so that they can build their family up cause a happy mom makes life the bomb!

Dear Moms,

To the mom with the screaming toddler at the store. I do not judge you. I do not think nasty thoughts. In fact, I think to myself, "I've been there, I feel your pain." I will give you a smile because I would have wanted the same. It does get better, the tantrums don't last forever. Okay , I lied even when they are teenagers they may still bicker and scream, but you're not alone and I'm here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on or ear to vent to. 

To the mom who tried to breastfeed, but didn't have it quite work out the way you had hoped. I have been there mama and you know what? You tried, you struggled, you moved on. It may feel like you failed, but you didn't. Every drop truly counted. Please stop beating yourself up. Your baby has a full belly, a loving mommy, and you're doing your best, that's all you can do. 

To the stay at home mom.. You wear many hats. You cook, you clean, you care for your kids, you carpool, you're a teacher, you're so much more than the "Stay at home mom" title you claim stake to. Some days you may feel hopeless you may feel defeated, sleep deprived, moody, & watch the clock until it's time for bed, but just know that as thankless as your life may be you are worth a whole lot more. Chin up, you got this mama, & your kids do thank you just  in kisses, cuddles. and hugs! 

To the working mom.. You work so that you can provide for your kids. Kids need love and attention, but they need food and a roof too. You are doing what you have to do for your family and while it may be tough having to miss out on some aspects of their life just know that the times you do get to spend together are that much more special. No matter how busy or hectic your life gets you are always there for your kids.

To the single mom... No one ever really plans to be a single mom , but you do what you have to do. You have to be the mom and the dad too, you overcompensate with love, talks, & cuddles because you never want your kids to feel unloved. You're a fighter. You don't have help with the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, but you always seem to get things done well the important stuff anyway. The dishes can wait until tomorrow. Who's keeping track anyway? 

To the moms who feel under appreciated... I look at it like this. You're at home with the kids and because you're so badass you manage to get everything done so that when your husband comes home he has no clue as to all the time and energy you put in that day. I'm sure your husband appreciates you, but just doesn't do a very good job of reminding you. I'm sure if you left him home alone with the kids for a week he'd get a very good idea of all that you do to maintain the home and kids, but who are we kidding? After a few hours he'd be on the phone begging for your return. You are special mama and you are worth so much more than what words can express. Please don't ever doubt yourself. Your family appreciates you, I promise! They just may not express it enough!

To the step mom or as I like to call it bonus mom... You may not have given birth to your bonus kids, but you want to be there for them however you can. Some days are hard because you may not know your place, you may question when or if you should step in, but you are there for them when they need you. You will never try or want to replace their mother, but you do a damn good job at standing in when you're needed. Your life gets messy, dramatic, and downright cruel at times, but the amount of love you have for them makes all the bad seem so small. Take it one day at a time because you will screw up , but just make it to another day and start all over again. 

To the mom who gave birth and made the hard choice to give your baby a better life that you didn't feel you could give. Man oh man is this an emotional one. You have done one of the most selfless acts a mother can do. You knew that you could not give your baby all that you felt he/she deserved so you hunted long and hard for parents who could. You  made the hardest choice you would ever have to make for the best interest of your baby. People act like it's so easy, but if it was, why do so many moms change their minds about adoption as soon as they hold their precious bundle of joy? Because you are a mom and you fall in love right at first sight. You were able to stay strong and do what you know in your heart was in the best interest of your baby. 

To the mom who adopted. You are so powerful. You are strong and you have a heart of gold. You have took a life that came from another to give that child a good life, a place to call home, and someone to call mom. You face struggles just like anyone else, you sometimes question if you're doing enough, saying the right things, and boy do you make sure they know they are loved. You have made a beautiful life for that child and you feel so lucky that you were given such an incredible gift and you do everything it takes to keep your promise of giving that child the best life they would have otherwise not have gotten. 

All moms are beautiful, all moms should know their worth, and all moms should feel loved and cared about. No matter what kind of mom you are, no matter what choices you made, you all have something in common and the common denominator is that you love your children. No matter how many mistakes you made, doubts you may have, you just gotta take it day by day it's a crazy ride mamas, but you take that ride with love and pride. 


A mom who wants you to feel loved





Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.