Review of Boobin' all day... Boobin all night By: Meg Nagle

Boobin' All Day Boobin' all night review

I follow Meg Nagle on her Facebook page,  "The Milk Meg" and since day one I have been a huge fan of her work. One of her blogs that actually "broke the internet" after I shared it on my page was how I first discovered her. The blog was - "Nine Reasons My Child Is Not Too Old To Breastfeed" from that day on I knew Meg was definitely someone to follow. So I was pretty excited at the announcement of her new book and had to get my hands on it! 

Boobin' all day Boobin' all night is a book that discusses all aspects of breastfeeding, sleep, & natural approaches. From breastfeeding your baby to sleep, Breastfeeding and cavities, safe co-sleeping/bed-sharing, Gentle night weaning tips, and more. Its an excellent resource with evidence based information right at your fingertips.

The number one thing I love about the book is that it gets into many topics I see new breastfeeding moms worry about such as explaining why breastfeeding through the night does not cause cavities, breastfeeding baby to sleep is not a bad habit, gets into why our babies wake so frequently and gives great explanations as to why. 

Meg is not only a certified lactation consultant, but she is a breastfeeding mother herself. So she has the education and the first hand experience. She is very passionate about moms following their instincts and promoting the biological norm. Over the years society has changed, but the needs of our babies have not and she is excellent at explaining that. The reason so many moms doubt their own instincts and abilities is because of outside influences such as family members, health care professionals, even random strangers at the grocery store.

I loved the funny illustrations included in the book. Definitely depicts real life motherhood.

Boobin all day Boobin all night

I run a breastfeeding support page and blog to educate and bring awareness to moms all over the world and I would definitely feel confident recommending "Boobin All Day and Boobin All Night" to moms looking for evidence based information and reassurance on following their own instincts. 

Boobin' All Day Boobin' all night

Kristy Kemp

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