10 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Why I Breastfeed...

By: Stephannie Mounce (Guest Blogger) 

10 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Why I Breastfeed

Stephannie Mounce  from The Dishes Shares her Ten reasons why she doesn't breastfeed. 

 Breastfeeding seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. Some people are positively supporting it and others are doing everything they can to discourage and shame those who decide to breastfeed. Quite frankly, what I do with my boobs and my baby are not any of your business. So, here are 10 things that have nothing to do with why I breastfeed.

1.) Your husband. The thought of your husband sexualizing the breast being used for what the breast was intended for was not on my list of 'pros' when I made my choice. Believe it or not, your husband didn't influence my decision at all. I can almost guarantee you that he is going to look away before you do, because the majority of the time it is the women who have the problem with other women breastfeeding in public. If your husband cannot control himself while I feed my hungry child, I think we have a larger issue to consider and the root of the problem has nothing to do with the method of feeding I have chosen. So, no. I do not breastfeed to attempt stealing your man away from you. Leaky, milk engorged boobs and all.

2.) Your children. No, I am not trying to scar your children for life or force the sex talk to happen at the age of four. I am simply here at the playground just like you, except my daughter is hungry and screaming in my ear. To make her stop, I am going to insert my breast casually and yet, subtly into her mouth. That's all. If using this natural method of baby feeding makes your child curious and they ask you why my boob was in my baby's mouth tonight at the dinner table I can only urge you to tell them that is how some babies eat. I know, how dare I assume it's acceptable to explain at such a young age that boobs weren't put on a woman's body to be plastered all over Victoria's Secret and they actually do something quite miraculous.

3.) You choosing to formula feed. You might not believe me, but I am genuinely happy to hear you are feeding your children. I have enough going on in my own life, I do not have time to criticize what you decide to pump into your babies gut- seeing as how they are just going to poop or puke it out. I do not think I am better than those who formula feed their kids. 99 percent of the reasons I do actually breastfeed are out of pure laziness, like not wanting to get out of my bed at 2 a.m when I could just roll over and stick my boob into her mouth.
4.) Being a stay-at-home mom. If I was a working mom I would still be giving it the same effort as I am now. Luckily, I have been blessed and I don't have to work and pump but if I had to- I would try.

5.) Burning extra calories. Being a woman of smaller figure and a ridiculously high metabolism, this is just an extra bonus. If breastfeeding didn't burn any calories at all I would still be breastfeeding. So next time I show up at an event and hear "She is so skinny after two kids! I should've breastfed!" I will probably smile, but really it had nothing to do with my choice. I pile high octane crap into my body 72 percent of the day.

6.) Hogging all the feedings. If you are under the impression that I have enjoyed waking up five times a night for eight months straight for feedings, I would be more than happy to give them to you. My baby cries every time she smells me. I can assure you, I would LOVE for you to take a feeding off my hands... or breasts.

7.) Bragging rights. As nice as it is to say that I have accomplished and am exceeding my goal of breastfeeding for six months, that is not the reason I am doing it. If anyone is bragging about cracked, bleeding nipples I will be extremely surprised. I do not go around waving a giant flag in the faces of mothers who didn't or couldn't breastfeed and I do not think it makes me any more of a mother. It simply just happens to be working out between my daughter and I.

8.) Sending my child to Harvard. If my daughter ends up going to Harvard, I am going to guess it is because she studied hard and enjoys learning. It probably has nothing to do with me breastfeeding her eighteen years ago. If between now and then they are absolutely positive that there is a correlation, who knows. Maybe I will revoke this statement and act like I knew a trade secret this whole time, but lets be honest. It didn't influence my decision.

9.) What anyone's family thinks. Your grandmother, my aunt, so-and-so's uncle twice removed who remarried back into the family... they may all have opinions on breastfeeding, they may even have extensive backgrounds in children and their behaviors. But no one knows my baby better than I do, and I happen to know that for us, breast is best. It is healthy, convenient, natural and inexpensive. So, despite your great great grandmother swearing up and down that there is no difference between breast and formula, I am still standing by my decision and no, I will not cover my baby's head because she thinks it is inappropriate.

10.) Making a statement. In this world full of hipsters and people trying to stand out or change whatever seems to offend them this week, the last thing I am going to use my baby- or boobs- for is to try to make a statement. Yes, I am breastfeeding. No, I am not going to use a cover. No, I am not going to stop whatever I am doing to excuse myself to a separate area while I feed my baby. It isn't to make a statement, it is simply because I don't have time for that crap. If there is ever a time I am just feeding my baby and doing absolutely nothing else, it is a miracle. I am usually balancing my nursing baby on one knee, helping my toddler go to the bathroom with a seven year old following all of us rambling on and on about the possibility that if it rains today she will burst into a mermaid and her cover will be blown. I am not trying to offend you or change the world. I am simply trying to keep my baby fed and not make my life any harder.

The choice to breastfeed was made between me, my baby and her father. I know it is hard to believe that we could be so inconsiderate to NOT think of everyone else in the entire world and their beliefs or preferences, but we only had nine months to choose how we were going to feed our baby. And that's all that is going on here. I am just here, feeding my baby. Now someone tell me "Good job" for Pete's sake.

Source- 10 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Why I Breastfeed (The Dishes) 


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