Izzy The Dog Nurses Two Squirrels

Izzy, a Chihuahua, didn’t have any pups of her own but was motherly to other animals too. Izzy’s owner tells us the story of when some neighborhood kids brought over two baby squirrel siblings to her because she sheltered other baby animals as well. She had kittens, birds, squirrels, bunnies and a few other animals too. So she decided on taking over the baby squirrels and takes care of them. She named the boy squirrel Rosco and the girl squirrel Nikki.

She fed them little doses of milk. After some time this little Chihuahua started taking interest in those baby squirrels. Slowly the squirrels and Izzy started becoming familiar to each other and soon the squirrels were seen nursing on Izzy. This video here shows Izzy being protective over the cute little squirrels. This video is a reminder of Izzy, who has long been dead. 

Story/source found on Puppies Woof webpage 

Kristy Kemp

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