We Love Boobs Giveaway!

We Love boobs Giveaway

13 amazing products from Fairhaven Health & PregnancyStore.com valued at over $215 to one lucky mama! 

We Love Boobs Giveaway

*The Milk Saver
*Milk Trays
*Softies Nursing Pads
*Nursing Time Tea
*Nursing Blend
*Breastmilk Storage Bags
*Nipple Nurture Balm
*Udder Cover
*Pumping in progress sign
*Nipple Nurture breast wipes
*MilkScreen Alcohol test strips
*Baby Booby Tubes
*Nursing Bracelet

How do I enter?

1.) Visit Belly To Breast; Fairhaven Health, & PregnancyStore.com, on Facebook, feel free to like their page, and let them know why you want to win & thank them for the opportunity!

2.) Comment/like/share Facebook giveaway post. The way I notify the winner is by replying directly to their comment on my giveaway post. 

3.) You can earn EXTRA entry if you have twitter and Pinterest, if not, no worries they are not MANDATORY. Only mandatory entries is visiting sponsor pages, interacting on their page, and feel free to like them too. 

If you're on a mobile device you may have to click on the tab right below that says, "Enter Giveaway" & it takes you directly to the form. If you are still having trouble accessing the form click HERE and try the other way. 

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