The Evolution Of Boobs

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By: Kristy Kemp 

Evolution has come a long way. We're making new discoveries everyday, inventing top of the line technology, and just overall making our lives easier and convenient. Evolution is a beautiful thing..

I think we as a society have grown accustomed to new and shiny , that when we stick to something that has been done since the beginning of time it's questioned and looked down upon. The world we live in now is blessed with options. In the beginning, we didn't start out with options we had to rely on the only option.

Now to get to my point.

After a mom gives birth her body starts producing milk. Baby needs to be nourished, the milk mom produces does just that. Think about that just for a second. Think about a world where the only milk was mommy's milk. There was no, "breast is best" it was just breast. No questions asked a mom breastfed if she wanted to keep her baby healthy and alive.

Through time that component of life has never changed. Moms have always produced milk, are still producing milk, and will always produce milk. The milk a mom makes does not change over time, doesn't get better and doesn't get worse. How a baby consumes the milk is by latching and suckling on moms breast and boom you got yourself a feeding.

Now what about moms who weren't able to produce that milk how would they nourish their baby? I mean they didn't even have pumps back then and our bodies do not always work the way they were meant to work. Well, back then it was a normal alternative to have another mom who is producing enough milk nourish the baby in the same exact way baby would have been nourished had his birth mom been able to. So I take back the no option thing there was two options , but it's all relative.

Fast forward to today. With all our growth and discoveries scientists tried to imitate the milk a mom produces naturally. Mainly for moms in third world countries who were starving so they couldn't produce the milk. It was definitely a Godsend for them. To this day they have still not created a milk to be an exact match. It's just not humanly possible. First and main reason is breastmilk is a lot like blood and it's alive. Have they been able to come up with synthetic blood yet? Nope ! So what makes people think they can or should be able to replicate breastmilk?

Here is where the confusion comes in. Milk is milk , right? Cows make it , can't be much to it, right? Wrong. Breastmilk is not really just milk . In fact, it's more comparable to gold! "The formula" in breastmilk is constantly changing to meet the very needs of baby. How cool is that? Breastmilk is alive and constantly working in overdrive. Well it's more like your body working in overdrive to produce it into a liquid milky form baby can drink. Sure they have done a great job creating an alternative solution and this article isn't about putting down formula and I will get to my point soon I promise.

The evolution of boobs , no we haven't grown extra breasts on our body or anything special over time . We haven't been able to formulate a milk to be better than or just the same as breastmilk. The evolution of boobs is boobs continuing to be boobs the same way they were since the beginning. Why have I brought up the fact breastmilk cannot be duplicated? Because it's making my point that breastmilk and breastfeeding is not something that can get or be better, it cannot be copied , it's just is how it is and always will be.

So what can we do as a society to try and better breastfeeding? Well I just said breastfeeding and breastmilk cannot be better in than it already is and nothing any scientist makes in a lab can make a better alternative to it, but don't lose hope, we can still evolve!

The way we as a society can evolve with breastfeeding is educating the world about it because while many may know exactly what breastfeeding is , many unfortunately do not. So much of the world is uninformed and therefore makes breastfeeding seem less than it really is or even inferior to what was made to try and replicate breastmilk in the first place! Many moms choose formula just because the option is there and sometimes think formula can offer the same as they could and some moms are sadly under the impression that no milk they can possibly produce would be better than formula. You know, cause the human race is so smart and we send men to moons and stuff.

We evolve by accepting breastmilk as the biological norm. We make breastfeeding better by ensuring every single mom has the support, knowledge, know how that she needs to successfully feed her baby.

While breastfeeding may be natural it doesn't come natural to all. By being more proactive on educating and supporting we can evolve , we can make it better. It starts with you , it starts with me. It starts with women everywhere feeding her kid whether in public or at home and not get discriminated over it or backlash. We evolve breastfeeding by evolving into a more positive and supporting environment for moms to feed their babies judgement free.

This article isn't meant to jab those who went with the alternative. I think it's absolutely wonderful that we were able to formulate food , but people need to understand that through all the new shiny technology and inventions one thing that can never be made better is mamas milk.

Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.