I Breastfeed & I'm Not Sorry It Makes You Uncomfortable...

I Breastfeed & I'm Not Sorry It Makes You Uncomfortable....

You are uncomfortable with breastfeeding, I get it. The fact that I will feed my baby anytime and anywhere upsets you, okay. You feel that me constantly posting my breastfeeding pictures is inappropriate and a cry out for attention, I hear ya. You weren't ready for your kids to be exposed to it? Oh well, that's a shame that you want to shield your kids from learning and knowing the natural way babies are fed. It upsets you that your husband caught a glimpse of side boob? Better keep him away from beaches, pools, & hell even the Mall then because I can assure you that he will catch a whole lot more than a glimpse of side boob elsewhere. 

I'm not sorry that the fact I chose to give my baby the best start in life makes you uncomfortable, I'm not sorry that my baby gets hungry even when we're *GASP* out of the house upsets you, &  posting the breastfeeding pictures is just me sharing a normal part of my life as a mom just as moms who bottle feed do. It isn't a “cry out” for attention it's me sharing my life, something that makes me proud, and I'm not sorry for that either. You don't want your kids to be exposed to breastfeeding that is your choice, but excuse me when I say that you not wanting your kid to see me breastfeeding really is not my problem. You focus on your kid and I will do the same and my kid wants to eat when he's hungry and I will do just that no matter who happens to be around at the time. So you're worried about your husband seeing some of my engorged, leaking side boob with a side of cracked nipples. I will take that as a compliment because lately I feel like an ugly cow, but you feeling "threatened" by me just made my day, so I will thank you for that one. 

I wasn't fond with breastfeeding before I had my baby. I too used to insist that breastfeeding moms should cover up, I too used to insist that there was a time and a place to breastfeed your baby, & I definitely felt that posting pictures on social media was inappropriate. Then something happened, I gave birth to a beautiful little human being and in that instant it was no longer about me. No longer about my opinion and how I wanted things to be. You see, people think babies don't have a mind of their own and that isn't true. My baby decides when it's time eat, my baby decides when it's time to sleep, my baby lets me know what makes him more comfortable, and my baby definitely doesn't decide these things with keeping your opinion in mind. My baby does not care that you don't want to see him eat or cry, doesn't care that you think his face should be covered, & doesn't care that you think we should be in a bathroom just so you don't have to be “exposed” to breastfeeding.

I follow my baby's lead which means I pay no mind to what strangers want or even close friends and family. I let my baby decide when and how he wants to eat. You see, it isn't necessarily me who is choosing to breastfeed when, where, & how I do it. My baby decides when he is hungry, my baby decides what makes him most comfortable & it's definitely not under a hot blanket, believe me, I know because I've tried the whole cover thing and he wasn't having it. I spent more time wrestling with keeping him covered which actually ended up making me expose more. 

All I can say is that breastfeeding is the biological norm and it will never go away no matter how badly you don't want to see it. There is something you can do to avoid seeing me breastfeed. You can choose to not look, you can choose to hide my photos from your news feed, & you can choose to live with it because I will never put your needs above my baby's. You can say that makes me disrespectful, you can say that makes me lack class, & you can insult me all you want, but it just makes me even stronger and it just makes me seek out even more support which gives me even more confidence. So sorry, not sorry that seeing me breastfeed makes you uncomfortable because I'm just a mom meeting my baby's needs and that's nothing to be sorry for. 

Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.