Returning To Work As A Breastfeeding Mother Can Work!

Here is a Q&A I did with Tally employed by Fairhaven Health! It really helps having a supportive employer! One of the things that drew me to Fairhaven Health was not just because they have products I know and trust, but because they genuinely support breastfeeding moms. Finally a positive pumping at work story to share! 

Returning To Work As A Breastfeeding Can Work!

1.) What were your concerns with going back to work as a breastfeeding mom?

My concern in coming back to work was maintaining balance/consistency for my new baby. I knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to come back to work, but I also wanted to ensure that my baby had the best care possible -including maintaining breastfeeding as long as possible! 

2.) Has Fairhaven been accommodating and supportive about your pumping needs?

Yes, I feel very supported here at Fairhaven Health. 

3.) What kind of things have they done to show their support?

First off, my work schedule was accommodated to be only 32 hours a week. This allows me to only need to pump twice at work, and nurse baby the other 5 times during the day. Not only does this make me feel better emotionally, it also encourages my milk production. Secondly, my co-workers help with coverage when I am pumping, so I do not feel overwhelmed or pressured to get finished or skip pumping due to work load pressures. 

4.) What advice would you give to a new breastfeeding mom who is returning to work?

Get a feeding/pumping schedule in place a few weeks prior to your return, and stick with it! I pump at the time my baby would normally eat, so my body maintains the milk production. Also, this helps me not to feel engorged or have issues with leakage at work. Also, make sure you are organized and have the equipment in place to make pumping successful at work. Because I only pump at work, I leave my unit there. This way I only have to remember to bring fresh collection bottles in, and of course, not forget to bring the milk home with me at the end of the day!

5.) What type of products have helped you the most with pumping and breastfeeding in general?

I love the Nursing Blend supplement! I feel that it has helped me maintain production, as well as ensured that I am getting proper postnatal nutrition. I also really like the Soft Cloths. My baby is a bit of a messy eater, and I use these cloths while I nurse as a catch all and burp cloth. I also really liked using the Milkies Milk Tray. Unfortunately, we released this product a couple of months after my baby was born, so I had been purchasing and using the milk storage bags. What a waste of money!! Once I got the tray, it helped me to portion milk better as well as store it more efficiently. 

6.) Has pumping ever interfered with your ability to get your work done in a timely manner?

I don't think so. If anything, it helps to keep me on track with getting projects and tasks done efficiently, so I can keep on track with my pumping schedule:) 

7.) When I visited you guys awhile ago your office seemed cozy so where exactly do you pump when you're at work?

We are very cozy here! Currently, I am pumping behind a divider screen next to my desk. Since we are a predominately female office, and the guys that do work here are very respectful, I am comfortable. However, it is a bit exposed. At our new office (we are moving in just a few weeks!!), there will be a more private "nursing nook," which I am looking forward to. 

8.) Are you taking any supplements to help keep your supply up?

Yes, I continue to take the Nursing Blend daily. Also, I will add in the Nursing Time Tea, if I at all feel nervous about my supply dropping. I drink the tea for a day or so... and I am back up to my "normal." I also continue to take our Omega 3 and Cal-Mag supplements for general health and wellness support.

Returning To work As A Breastfeeding Mother Can Work!

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