A Note From A Husband & A Dad That Will Bring You To Tears!

By- Cristian Gutierrez

A Note From A Husband & A dad That Will Bring You to tears!

 It's 9:00pm as a man gets home from work. He's tired, hungry and in need of a shower.. not to mention a wishful full body massage. 
He slowly walks towards his front door expecting to open the door and see a clean home , a dinner plate in the microwave , a sleeping child and a wife ready to serve him while doing so in heels and lingerie. 
But those expectations are met with quiet the opposite. He notices his wife is in bed, sweat pants on, hair in a bun and a child latched on to what use to be his property. Something that over the course of 2 years and 7 months can get a man jealous, but hey!!! who's counting?
He proceeds towards the bathroom but not before going through heavy toy fire, Disney DVD cases tossed around as well as the occasional dangerous and painful Lego.
He finally makes is way through the bathroom and heads into the shower. After a heavily bad odor influenced man bath, he sees himself in the mirror only to notice 5yrs of marriage does add 30lbs (scientifically proven to be a fact).
As he drys off, he looks at him self in the mirror. Not in a physical form. Thoughts of his imperfections are only noticeable when you look into your own eyes even if it's through a fogged bathroom mirror. 
It over comes his emotions of being cheated out of that home cooked meal with a dessert. What does he see? ....... He see's a man with selfish expectations and lack of compassion. He can't bare to look at himself any more so he walks back into the bedroom. 
His phone has become a physical extension of him and since he can't take into the shower, he desperately looks for it in order to see what's going on in the world outside of his home. 
He unlocks his phone .... Sees a missed text msg from his wife. It's a video of their son singing his butt off. Only a child of a much older age can pull that off. He smiles as he watches it over and over. 
As usual he then looks for his charger, he sees it right under his son's white board. To his surprise, it has numbers , letters , figures. Something you would only see in a school. Teachings that only a mother would do. Along with unwritten Patience that only a mother could have. 
He smiles as he realizes that his son more than likely learned something new that day. Only to be credited to the person that dedicates that time. His wife. 
He walks towards the bed and sees his son's eating table with an empty plate on top, evidence that he might've had a late dinner. Signs that a mother had fed his child. The way only a caring mother would. 
Near the bed is a clean towel along with clean clothes. Undoubtedly it looks like she passed up on a shower or didn't get that chance to take one. Nothing is more clear to him at that moment that it's probably been a long day for his wife as well (probably twice as long) since mother positions don't come with 15 minute breaks or a lunch hour with a great margarita happy hour.
He wants to wake her up now and ravage her body into pieces with his aggressive sexual drive. Romance? Non existing in his artillery anymore. Luckily for him, he's very much in love with his wife and her body so him trying would be like riding a bike again (it comes natural).
He lays down next to her and holds her tight. Kisses her neck, and anywhere he can get his lips on. That moment means more to him than anything else, especially his selfish expectations. His lack of compassion is turned by the evidence of non stop caring, Patience and love for someone they both love unconditionally. 

The sweat pants, the hair in a bun are only war attire that comes with taking care of his child. Only to make her now, more desirable and more beautiful then ever. 
Sleeping next to her is a privilege, and he now understands that. Having her love is earned but yet still given to him by her, so making sure she doesn't feel taken for granted is his new goal and will remain part his relationship until his heart stops beating for her.

A Note From A Husband & A Dad That Will Bring You To Tears!

Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.