Wet Nursing Moms Shamed On The View Responds...

Wet Nursing Moms Shamed On The View Responds..

Chrystal Klein and Stefani Tatavitto, are best friends that would do anything for each other, including, nurse each others babies. Recently, The View, featured the two of them and once again spewed some ignorant things about wet-nursing and breastfeeding. When I found out that one of the moms was a member in my private group community, I figured I would reach out to the girls to see how they felt about the segment. I asked the girls why they started wet nursing each others babies.

"Chrystal, was having a hard time keeping up with pumping so she could leave milk for the baby while she was at work, and didn't want to have to use formula. It's not an abnormal thing for me. Wet nursing is a natural thing and used to be widely practiced."

Chrystal Klein and Stefani Tatavitto had no idea that they were being talked about on The View until some of their friends brought it to their attention. They were both surprised that The View featured their story/photo because it didn't seem like the type of story they'd usually talk about and she definitely was not shocked that they were not at all knowledgeable on the subject. They both really appreciate PAULA FARI, comments though. 

I'm sure a lot of you have caught the segment on Breastfeeding on The View !!!Whoopi Goldberg states, "If they're old...

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Paula, who seemed to be the only of the co-hosts who had nice and supporting things to say about it has won over the hearts of breastfeeding mamas everywhere. Thank you Paula, for being the voice of reason and truth!

Whoopi Goldber, said, "If they are old enough to have teeth, they should not be breastfeeding."

Stefani Tatavitto- "I think Whoopi's comment is incredibly ignorant. Some babies are born with teeth, and my oldest got his first tooth at around 4 weeks old. Teeth are not a reason to wean your child. I understand some women may choose to wean their children when they get teeth, but that doesn't mean it should be a standard for all women - especially when the worldwide average age of weaning is around 4 years old."

Sunny Hotin, says, "It's Yucky" and made a comment about their age, while making a "grossed out" face over the children seeing her best friends boob. 

Stefani Tatavitto- "I think that using the word "yucky" to describe wet nursing is incredibly childish. What's yucky about an age old practice? The attitude that most of America has toward breastfeeding in general - let alone wet nursing - is ignorant and childish. It's normal and natural to breastfeed, and no woman should be shamed for it - just like no woman should be shamed for formula feeding."

Another thing that comes up when the topic of milk sharing and wet nursing gets brought up, is safety. Both moms were pregnant at the same time and both have been tested for major illness/diseases/STD's, and know enough about each others medical histories and diets to be completely comfortable and confident that it's safe.  

"It's not unsafe, it's not unsanitary."

The moms originally shared their story with Barcroft TV because they hope by sharing their story they can help normalize wet nursing and breastfeeding. 

Stefani Tatavitto- "I'm not trying to tell people that they have to wet nurse, but I don't want women to feel alienated and ashamed to share such a beautiful thing because our society says she should. There is nothing shameful or gross about breastfeeding and wet nursing."

I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's pretty much what The View is about, speaking their personal opinions on hot topics, but their personal opinion could negatively impact a lot of breastfeeding moms. It's important to address things like this so that breastfeeding moms don't doubt their breastfeeding choices. 

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