Open Letter To The "Friend" Who Keeps Reporting My Breastfeeding Picture.

By: Samantha Angelina

Maybe I should share my story, for those of you that may not understand how important nursing my child is to me.

My nursing relationship with AudreyMae literally saved my life. Maybe you do not understand how deeply I battled postpartum depression, or how hard I have fought against depression my entire life. Maybe you do not understand that nursing her was quite literally the only way I was able to bond with her for the first few months, and most days I had to force myself to nurse her. My sheer stubbornness was what kept me putting her to my breast. Maybe you don't understand that that Oxytocin was saving my life. Maybe you also don't understand what it feels like to not feel as though you are loved or needed by anyone. Maybe you cannot see that feeding my child helped me to feel needed, to feel important, to feel loved. Maybe you just do not understand how beautiful and natural it truly is.

Now, with LillyAnne it is important because I wanted to experience that same bond. She had other plans. You clearly do not understand how difficult it was to nurse her, how much I battled for those first 2 months of her life. How hard she tried too, she tried so hard, and cried when she wasn't able to succeed. She wanted to nurse so bad, but her tongue and lip ties made it so challenging for her. We fought together, tooth and nail, to make it work. We fought so hard to be where we are today.

How dare you try to take the beauty of that from me. How dare you take my fight, my battle, my peace and make it about you. This photo was never posted for you, whomever you are, this was posted for the people that have stood by my side throughout these struggles, the people that have helped me through them. This photo was to celebrate my life, my relationship with my daughters, and my battle through every difficult I have faced. Maybe you cannot understand that, and that is fine. But maybe, just maybe I don't need someone like you prying into my life. Thank you for trying to break my spirit though, because each time that happens, I learn how strong I really am.

And please know I'm sorry if you were unable to nurse your children, I truly am, and I understand how difficult that can be. I'm sorry if you haven't yet had children, and want them so desperately. I'm sorry if you are insecure with yourself and don't have the courage to feed your child freely and openly. But that is all I can be sorry for.

Facebook will not remove my photo, because it doesn't contain the nudity that you suggested it did. I thought you ought to know.

And a huge thank you to the wonderful people in my life that still stand by my side and have made me feel truly loved and supported. I cannot tell you enough, how appreciated you are.

Kristy Kemp

My name is Kristy Kemp. I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk back in September 2012. My motivation behind creating Breastfeeding Mama Talk was to be that support system for breastfeeding mothers around the world.