5 Things Wrong With the New Children's Advil Ad....

By: Kristy Kemp 

If you're involved in the breastfeeding communities then you most likely saw all the posts discussing their disapproval with the new Children's Advil ad. I will list a few of the reasons why they need to retract their ad.

5 Things Wrong With the New Children's Advil Ad


1.) Misleading and false information.

Their exact words is , "Humans breastfeed their babies on average of 3 months." The world average for breastfeeding is actually four years. Advertisers should really research and understand the information they are putting out there. It's good to the public and it's good for their company morale.

2.) More misleading information.

They then say, "First tooth comes in around 4-7 months coincidence? We don't think so." By that statement they are making it seem as though moms quit breastfeeding at the 3 month mark simply because of teeth coming through and that isn't true. Moms quit breastfeeding for many reasons, but not just because of teeth. They are portraying it as matter of fact and the norm.

3.) No they are not promoting prolonging breastfeeding with their ad.

Some people are under the impression they are actually trying to prolong breastfeeding with their advertisement and medication. No, they aren't. If a mom quit breastfeeding because of teeth coming through it would be over fear of getting bit and no medication will keep a baby from biting moms nipple.

4.) They singled out breastfeeding moms in this ad.

They did not need to make an ad targeting breastfeeding moms. If they think their product will help with teething pain, great! Say that! Why specifically target breastfeeding moms? All babies get teething pain not just breastfed babies. Aim the ad to all mothers.

5.) Breastfeeding is actually a natural pain reliever and comfort to teething babies.

My suspicion for why they targeted breastfeeding mothers is they are trying to make it sound that medicating them instead of breastfeeding them is the better choice for teething babies. I could be totally off with that observation, but that is what I feel their point was. If it wasn't then they shouldn't have geared the ad at breastfeeding moms. Moms don't quit breastfeeding their babies due to teething pain . In fact, they would breastfeed them more because it helps relax, comfort them, and is a natural pain reliever. So tell me how promoting that we medicate our babies is promoting prolonging breastfeeding?

I posted about their ad and what my issues were with it on my Facebook page earlier and quite a few people did not understand what the upset was. Some said that I was just trying to stir up drama, others are under the impression that they are actually promoting prolonging breastfeeding as if using their product will help moms breastfeed longer. I understand they are a company and they have a job to do, but they can get their job done without it being at the expense of breastfeeding moms. This isn't about stirring up drama it's about correcting misleading potentially damaging information.

Do you agree with me? Well sign the petition to get them to remove their ad (here!)

UPDATE! They have removed the ad and made an apology on their Facebook page! Thanks to everyone and their comments and wall-posts they made! We can make change and correct misinformation!

Talk about extremes in parenting styles. Seems like humans have it pretty good!

Posted by Children's Advil on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kristy Kemp

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