Do you want us to share something on Breastfeeding Mama Talk? Wondering how to go about being included in one of our monthly giveaways? 

Sponsorship Requirements-

Sponsors must be WHO Code compliant (the Code concerns the marketing of breastmilk substitutes– infant formula and other foods marketed for babies under 6 months, feeding bottles, and artificial nipples are the main products that fall within the scope of the Code). Read more on The Code HERE...

BFMT wants to help you get the word out on your fabulous products by posting shout outs or giveaways! So we are offering shout out posts to be posted on our Facebook page with almost 600,000 likes and growing by the thousands weekly.  I also post to the BFMT Instagram which has 26,000 followers. 

Shout Out Posts- $30 Each -   Due to the overwhelming requests of shout out posts we had to come up with some sort of system to regulate them all and we need sponsors & you need publicity, so there you go!

Giveaway - $50-  Be included in one of our monthly giveaways. 

If you want to work out a long term agreement email me at and we can work something out. 

*You might want to email me at before you pay, just to make sure you're a right fit as I reserve the right to refund money if it's not the right fit for us. 

You can include whatever links, pictures, if you want your Facebook tagged, & exactly what you are wanting it to say. Just fill out the form below with all the details for the post you're wanting shared & you can include the pictures separately to 

Shout Out Posts- $30 

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*If I don't feel like what your promoting is a good fit for my page or it presents a conflict of interest, I do reserve the right to fully refund your money and not post to the page. If you want to contact me before you submit payment to be sure it will be something that I'm comfortable promoting contact me at